Welcome to Ågärde, Engelholm and Tom´s place!

Seven cottages to choose from. One without electricity.



Pets are welcome in the Yellow House, The Henhouse, Toms place and the Summerhouse.

Pets are not allowed in the other cottages mostly because it is carpeted in some rooms, since the floors are cold in winter. We ourselves have both dog and cat and we have traces of our pets in our clothes when we are in the cottage. So it's not completely hypoallergenic ... depends on how sensitive one is.



The Yellow house Ågärde  ( fenced garden )

The Red cottage Ågärde

The Henhouse Ågärde   


If you are more than one family or some friends who want to spend some time together

you can stay in three houses next to each other.


  • The Yellow house, 10 beds to choose from + beds for children. We rent it out to max 7 persons.


  • The Red cottage,  7 beds to choose from + beds for children. We rent it out to max 6 persons.


  • The Henhouse,   4 beds


The Yellow house ( fenced garden )




The Red cottage:




The Henhouse:


Fields between the houses and all three have their own private areas.

I km to the lake and our boat.

We always have some of our cows in Ågärde over the summer.


The Yellow house to the right, the Red cottage in the middle, the Henhouse to the left.

1 The Yellow house

2  The Red cottage

3  The Henhouse

4  Barn

5  Garage





 ENGELHOLM 1 and 2


Two separate cottages

Book one or both together.


Engelholm 1

3 beds , kitchen, toilet/ shower, access to 1 boat and 1 canoe.




Engelholm 2

Kitchen, toilet/ shower, two beds.

Access to 1 boat and 1 canoe.




 TOM`S PLACE ( fenced garden )


A cottage in the woods with a guest house.

4 beds in the cottage and 3 in the guest house.

Rented out to a maximum of 6 persons.

Kitchen, toilet/ shower.

Lake in walking distance,700 meters. 


THE SUMMERHOUSE ( fenced garden )


Room for two persons in the cottage and it´s ok to bring a tent and put in the garden if you are more.

In the middle of the woods but not more than 2 km to the grosery store.

Cosy cottage, no electricity, a fire place.



A really nich beach in Holsljunga 18 km from Ågärde

it´s worth going there.


In Svenljunga, 10-15 min. by car from Ågärde you find Supermarket, petrol, touristinfo.,
pharmacy and other things you might need.


 Isaberg   45-50 min http://www.isaberg.com/sv/sommar

Göteborg 1 hour +   www.goteborg.com

Borås 35-40 min. www.boras.se

Gekås Ullared 40-45 min. www.gekas.se

Varberg 1 hour + www.visitvarberg.se  

"Dressin" in  Ambjörnarp  20 min. www.ambjornarp.se

Shopping in Gällstad  40-45 min www.gallstad.nu

High Chaparall 1 hour  http://www.highchaparral.se/sv/start/

Göteborg Landvetter Airport 1 hour


Engelholm 2 km south Svenljunga

Ågärde 12 km south Svenljunga

Tom´s place 6 km east Svenljunga

The Summerhouse 3 km south Svenljunga







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