Welcome to Ågärde, Engelholm and Tom´s place!

Price / avaliable weeks/ contact


If one week is too much you can book one day or two.

The price/day is always the same.

Choose arrival/ departure day yourself and also what time you want to arrive and depart.


Possible to rent bedlinen and towels.

It is possible to book cleaning.

Of course you can bring your own bedlinen and clean yourself. 


Included in the rent in the 3 houses/ cottages in Ågärde:

Electricity, heating, water, wi-fi, kitchentowels,1 toiletpaper roll, 1 kitchenpaper roll, new dishcloth, new dishbrush, detergent for dishwasher/ handdish, bikes, boat.


Included in the rent Engelholm:

Electricity, heating, water, wi-fi, kitchentowels, 1 toiletpaper roll, 1 kitchenpaper roll, new dishcloth/ brush, detergent , boat, canoe.


Included in the rent Tom´s place:

Electricity, heating, water, kitchentowels,1 toiletpaper roll, 1 kitchenpaper roll, new dishcloth/ brush, detergent.

Wi-Fi 2 GB/ week...possible to buy more.


Included in the rent in the Summer house:

Fire wood, lamp oil, gas for the gas stove, water, kitchentowels, toiletpaper, 1 kitchenpaper roll, new dishcloth, new dishbrush, detergent, power banks, boat, canoe.



The yellow house in Ågärde 

Max 7 persons                                                          

600 kr/ day                                                  

4200 kr/ week                                               

Cleaning 550 kr                                               

Wood for the fireplace 50 kr/ basket             


The red cottage in Ågärde  

Max 6 persons                                                

550 kr /day                                                   

3850 kr/ week                                                       

Cleaning 500 kr                                                  


The Henhouse in Ågärde   

Max 4 persons.                                           

500 kr/ day                                                    

3500 kr/ week                                                     

Cleaning 400kr   


Engelholm 1:   

Max 3 persons.        

400kr/ day   

2800kr/ week                                     

 Cleaning 250kr


Engelholm 2: 

Max 2 persons.          

350kr/ day   

2450kr/ week                                     

 Cleaning 250kr

Engelholm 1 + Engelholm 2 = 550kr/ day , 3850 kr/week


Tom´s place:

Max 6 persons.

550kr/ day     

3850kr/ week

Cleaning 400kr     


The Summer house:

280kr/ day  max 2 pers.

50kr/ pers/ day extra if you are more 

1960kr/ vecka

Cleaning 200kr




Bedlinen / towels                          

60 kr / pers.                                                            


Booked weeks in the yellow house:

2017 Week:  47, 48, 52, 1, 

2018 Week : 7, 8, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 

Booked weeks in the red cottage:

2017 Week:   52,1 

2018 Week:   30, 31 

Booked weeks in the Henhouse:

2017 Week:   52, 1 

2018 Week:   33, 34, 35 

Booked weeks  Engelholm 1:

2017 Week:   52, 1 


Booked weeks  Engelholm 2:

2017 Week: 52, 1


 Booked weeks Tom´s place:

2017 Week:  52, 1,


Booked weeks the Summer house:

2017 Week:  52, 1 


If you want to book a house or cottage or if you have questions,

just send me an e - mail.

I check the mail every day and answer as fast as I can...

[javascript protected email address]


0046 (0)703 92 19 40 Maria Andersson






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