Welcome to Ågärde, Engelholm and Tom´s place!

Price / avaliable weeks/ contact/booking info.


If one week is too much you can book just one day or two.

The price/day is always the same. ( Price, further down...)

Choose arrival/ departure day yourself and also what time you want to arrive and depart. We never change guests during the same day. You can arrive/ depart in the morning, noon, afternoon, evening or later. 

I need to know approx what time you arrive 1 to 2 days before arrival and if you please send me an sms the day of arrival 1 hour before you think you are here. Then you don´t have to have an exact time to fit and I have time to drive to the house/ cottage and leave the key.

We have a rental agreement, terms and conditions and an inventory list that you will sign when you get the key. ( You can see examples further down on the page)

If you bring own bedlinens/ towels and do the final cleaning there are no further costs except a security/ cleaning deposit, 500SEK.

Prepayment:                                                                                                                         We require a 20 % prepayment of the total booking amount or 250 SEK minimum within 10 days from the date of the booking confirmation. The prepayment will be payable directly to our bank account. We do not accept credit or bank cards.

The remaining balance for the booking is due in full upon arrival, payable in cash or Swish. You may also pay the balance prior to arrival directly to our bank account.

There is a security and cleaning deposit due upon arrival, 500SEK. These will be returned upon depature when the cottage has been checked by the owner/ landlord

and the rental terms and conditions have been followed.

Cancellation :                                                                                                                          If the booking is cancelled MORE than 3 weeks prior to the scheduled arrival day, all funds received will be refunded except a cancellation charge of 250SEK which be deducted from the prepayment  received for the booking.

If the booking is cancelled LESS than 3 weeks prior to the scheduled arrival date, the cancellation charge is 20% of the total booking amount. Any funds received over this amount will be refunded.


Included in the rent in the 3 houses/ cottages in Ågärde:

Electricity, heating, water, wi-fi, kitchentowels,1 toiletpaper roll, 1 kitchenpaper roll, dishcloth, dishbrush, some detergent for dishwasher/ handdish, bikes, boat, life vests.


Included in the rent Engelholm:

Electricity, heating, water, wi-fi, kitchentowels, 1 toiletpaper roll, 1 kitchenpaper roll, new dishcloth/ brush, detergent , boat, canoe, life vests


Included in the rent Tom´s place:

Electricity, heating, water, wi- fi, kitchentowels,1 toiletpaper roll, 1 kitchenpaper roll,  dishcloth/ brush, some detergent for the dishwasher/ handdish.



Included in the rent in the Summer house:

Fire wood, lamp oil, gas for the gas stove, water, kitchentowels, toiletpaper, 1 kitchenpaper roll, new dishcloth, new dishbrush, detergent, boat, canoe, life wests. The room at Engelholm with a shower, microwave, electricity



The yellow house in Ågärde 

Max 7 persons                                                          

600 kr/ day                                                  

4200 kr/ week                                               

Cleaning 550 kr                                               


The red cottage in Ågärde  

Max 6 persons                                                

550 kr /day                                                   

3850 kr/ week                                                       

Cleaning 500 kr                                                  


The Henhouse in Ågärde   

Max 4 persons.                                           

500 kr/ day                                                    

3500 kr/ week                                                     

Cleaning 400kr   


Engelholm 1:   

Max 3 persons.        

400kr/ day   

2800kr/ week                                     

 Cleaning 250kr


Engelholm 2: 

Max 3 persons.          

400kr/ day   

2800kr/ week                                     

 Cleaning 250kr

Engelholm 1 + Engelholm 2 = 600kr/ day , 4200 kr/week


Tom´s place:

Max 6 persons.

550kr/ day     

3850kr/ week

Cleaning 400kr     


The Summer house:

300kr/ day  max 4 pers.

2100kr/ vecka

Cleaning 200kr




Bedlinen / towels                          

60 kr / pers.                                                            


Booked weeks in the yellow house:

2018 Week :  41- 52, 1

2019 week : 1, 2, 3, 4, 28 - 32

Booked weeks in the red cottage:

2018 Week: 

2019 week : 29, 30

Booked weeks in the Henhouse:

2018 Week:  51, 52, 1

2019 week: 1, 28, 29, 

Booked weeks  Engelholm 1:

2018 Week:  


Booked weeks  Engelholm 2:

2018 Week:  


 Booked weeks Tom´s place:

2018 Week:   40, 52, 1

2018 week : 16

Booked weeks the Summer house:

2018 Week:   




I answer the email the same day if it´s not sent too late.

+46 703 92 19 40

I use Viber and What´s App


                                  RENTAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS


Only the guest and persons identified as guests in the Rental Agreement may use or occupy the premises for the specific dates at the price indicated in the Rental Agreement.

The guest may not at any time sublet or offer the cottage for rent to anyone else without exception.

It is expressly understood and implied The Rental Agreement represents a short term vacation property rental.

The rental period indicated on the Rental Agreement begins on Arrival Date and time and ends on the departure date and time.


The owner or landlord is responsible for insuring the home.

The owner or landlord is not responsible lost, stolen or damaged items. Items found by the owner/landlord will be returned to the quest by request. Shipping and handling charges will be paid by the guest prior to shipment.

Owner has a key and will have access to the home when the owner deems it an emergency or believes the terms and conditions of the rental agreement are not being followed.

The guest is responsible to take care of the house and report to the owner immediately any damage to the house or non operation of plumbing , heating , equipment, appliances or furniture .

The guests are not allowed to bring and operate large electrical equipment and devices

Such as, heaters, fridge, freeze or power tools.


Fully furnished. Electricity, heat, water.


Each guest is required to use bed linens, no exceptions . Guests are not allowed to sleep or use beds that are not covered with appropriate sheets . If a pet sleeps on a bed it must be covered.  Guests and or pets cannot use beds without proper linens .


Pets are welcome but they must not exceed the number of pets indicated in the

Rental Agreement.  In case of damage to the property or injury caused by the pets the tenant will be held liable and is responsible for all costs.

Pets are not permitted on the furniture unless the guest covers the furniture.  The guest is responsible for extra cleaning and damage to the furniture caused by the pet. Do not forget to pick up after the dog in the garden, please.


No Smoking inside the home or on deck.  Smoking is permitted outside only and guest will dispose of cigarette butts in the appropriate container, such as a glass jar, and not on the ground.

CLEANING ( If you haven´t payed for cleaning service. )

The owner/landlord provides an optional cleaning service at an extra charge after the guest/tenant has departed the property. If the guest/tenant does not order the optional cleaning service the home must be left in the same condition it was upon arrival.  

The guest/tenant may order the optional cleaning service up 24 hours before the indicated check out time . 

If the guest tenant does not choose the optional cleaning service the guest tenant is responsible for :

Empty the trash and place in designated recycling containers.Empty the fridge/freezer of all food/drink and clean.

Clean stove, sink, countertop and cabinet doors in the kitchen

Dust all surfaces in the living room, hallways and bedrooms.

Vacuum floors and shake rugs. ( Do not shake the big rug under the sofa table, just vaccum. )

Wet mop floors.

Clean and wipe shower, toilet, sink in the bathroom.

Trash and Garbage not sorted correctly will result in a 200kr fee




    Inventory list

  • Plates, glasses, mugs, silverware for about 6 people
  • Pots, pans, gratin dishes
  • Various utensils such as: whisk, spatula, knife, vegetable peeler,

       scissors, cheese slicer, can opener ...

  • Mixing, pitcher, chopping boards
  • Microwave
  • Coffee Maker
  • Toaster
  • Kettle
  • Electric mixer
  • Fridge/ Freezer, Freezer
  • TV / Digital TV box / router
  • 1 remote for TV- box
  • 4 duvets, 3 pillows
  • Outdoor furniture, tables, chairs, barbecue
  • Vacuum, broom, dust pan
  • 4 Electrical heaters


















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